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Themed Music Workshops

The (Fun) MusicMan ?

                                                                   Parachute with singing kids, mums & Craig                                             

"Fantastic. I think we loved it as much as the children!" 
S H, Parent after a school session


        2-in-1! Get this Amazing Value           
   1.               Interactive Workshop in class or setting. 
 CD Rom with Song & Resource Sheets. 

 This is an outstanding, age-targeted, inclusive all-in-one package to inspire and practically help you create your own easy 'learning-through-music-and-sound-play’ sessions.
    Some of the benefits:- :-

Improved:- Self Confidence - Competence - Self-Esteem - Gross and Fine Motor Skills - Thinking - Listening - Engagement - Attention - Intra-Persoanl and Inter-Personal Skills - Communication - Emotional Intelligence - Hand-Eye and Bodily Co-Ordination - Voice and Self-Expression - Breathing - Musicality - Self and Social Awareness - Adaptability - Self-Management - Spatial Awareness - Pattern Awareness - Beat Competence - and more... 

   Step 1 - Choose themes relevant to your curriculum programme or themes your children want to explore using:

Singing    -       sound-play       ·        Instrument playing       -   integrating movements
·        whole body-brain learning       ·       
fun props, puppets & games      -     listening skills
·        language & thinking skills        ·       
socialising and interpersonal activities

and more…

    "Fab. What a lovely morning. We will be using everything you've spoken about at home."     
NL. Parent

Step 2 
Musician, Craig Trafford  - The (Fun) MusicMan 
EKF Edu-K Consultant, AAMET EFT Practitioner, Certified Stress Management Trainer. - 

You receive a live interactive workshop with your class or group and a CD Rom containing 
  • songs, 
  • activities 
  • resource sheets [Standard / Bespoke options available] from the session. 
  • From then, you can play the songs and print the resources anytime!   

Workshops are;
  • Age and ability-appropriate, 
  • Fully inclusive, 
  • Based on many years of research & experience serving thousands of 0 – 8s and their grown-ups. 
  • We exist to assist the creative teacher in facilitating the creative child through enjoyment and in-depth absorption.  
  • Inclusive activities included!  
  • This fun music and sound play helps to build balanced bodies and brighter brains!

 “Outstanding, creative, intelligent…Respecting the children from the inside out and outside in...” LH, Teacher,
Early Education Conference

"A really great music session. We particularly like the exotic

instruments and sounds."
Harriet's mum, Angela.

 It’s simple, it’s fun, it’s play, it’s learning, it’s happy education from, probably, one of the best children’s ‘edu-tainers’ in the UK – The Fun Music Man!

 The (Fun) MusicMan's Themed Music Workshops


Themes covered:

Choose from any or choose all. You can select as few as one session, or weekly sessions or as many as you like to even cover the whole year. (Of course, you can always create your own!) 


New Things          Winter      Letters of the alphabet      Clothes

                Words             Vowels    Sea Life       Insects and Mini-Beasts

                            Life Cycle        Baby animals    Planting     Spring    Easter

                                              Weather          Energy             Different Cultures         Numbers

     Circle Songs   Trees               Water           Farm Animals

               Summer          Buildings         Transport 

                         Holidays          The World       The Environment          Jungle Animals

      All About Me                Body                Family

                Harvest       Autumn       Food   
Healthy Eating        Halloween

                         Fireworks        People Who Help Us              Shapes

                                      Christmas       Snow               Space              Opposites  


 Sessions include:

- Activities to encourage participation  and engagement;  
- Action songs for self-awareness

- Brain Gym® and Sensory Integration activities to 
prepare for learning;
- Strengthening
Body-Brain Connections; 

- Gross and Fine Motor skills activities 
& Motor Co-ordination;
- Developing hand-eye co-ordination;  

- Sound play to develop listening skills;

- Fun
Action Songs;

- Playing with Instruments, Puppets and Props;  

- Sound Play and music making activities supporting the selected themes. 

- Calming, Focusing, Centering, Grounding songs and activities. 


   Select from: 

-    One session containing all that month’s content.

-    Or one session or more than one session with the emphasis on any of the themes you require. 

-     Or More than one session with each subsequent session expanding on the topic or topics [3 max] that you choose.

-     Or
Monthly sessions containing all the themes or your selection

-     Or mix and match any amount of sessions and themes to suit 

The process: 
After a phone call to assess your requirements, a workshop session will take place in class with you and your children. You’ll receive a CD Rom [Standard & Bespoke Options] – containing resource sheets and music activities – to help continue the learning fun into the future.
______________________________________________   _______________________________________________

                                  FULL GUARANTEE !
We are so confident that you’ll love this new  package that we are able to offer a FULL GUARANTEE   If you don’t like it or your children aren’t impressed – you get a full refund (apart from transport costs).


1          After booking, you’ll receive a phone call to discuss your requirements and any technical requirements will be outlined during the phone call.

2          On the day, Craig will arrive with his bags and boxes of instruments and props. Please ensure as much as possible a clear parking space, preferably close to the room where the workshop / performance will take place.
3          It’s important that the children will have had access to sips of drinking water before and after the workshop / performance. If you’d like them to drink water during the workshop, please ensure all water – please no juice or fizzy drinks – is in a secure bottle and placed at the sides of the room.

4          Workshops are highly interactive and it’s important that there are enough adults present to not only supervise and participate but also to absorb the methods and information through the experience and explanations which arise.

5          A CD / Manual will be given to the teacher as part of the booking and it will contain songs and activities to enable the work to continue and be developed into the future if wished.

6          You will be invoiced after the workshop either on the day or by post or email.


Also ask about 'ABC-c' our new Attention, Balance and Co-Ordination Conditioning  Programme 
       Using music and sound-play         
 Click Here To View Details of the ABC-c Programme


Extras for Teachers, Childcare Practitioners and Parent Groups

If you're a teacher, parent or childcare practitioner desperately in need of 
relaxation or deeper rapid emotional and mental stress reduction, visit our holistic therapy and education practice here : - Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT / Tapping) - Matrix Reimprinting - Picture Tapping Technique and more... State of the Art and Traditional Holistics to bring calm and positive transformation, helping you to discover, develop and apply your limitless inner resources.



Please send the following details to us either by writing, phone, or Email and we'll get back in touch with you as soon as we receive it.
Craig Trafford, Trafford House, 75, Jamaica Road, Malvern, WR14 1TX

OR Call  01684 566 076    /    07912 089 231 

 ____________________________________________________   ____________________________________________________

Please the following information if you're interested in any of the Themed Sound-Play & Music Methods Workshops or you can write or call to the contacts above.

 Name and address of school or group:


 Name of contact personnel:


 Tel No:

Email address:

Preferred month(s):

Approx Number of sessions reqd:

Age of Children / Year Group

Contact Information

You can fill in this form if you'd rather and we'll get back to you as soon as we possibly can - which is usually pretty quick. If we miss you by some chance, you can call us at 01684 566076 or 07912 089231

First Name:
Last Name:
Address Street 1:
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Post Code: (5 digits)
Daytime Phone:
Evening Phone:


 Disclaimer: For decades, people all over the world have reported significant benefits of Brain Gym activities on many levels but that is no guarantee you will receive the same. Your experience will be as individual and unique as you are. EFT and other Holistic Practices have been known to offer spectacular results to some, but this may or may not be your experience. If you feel it is appropriate to consult with your medical practitioner, please exercise your right to do so if you wish. Your body and your brain are your responsibility. If you are making decisions on behalf of children in your care, or if you are their significant adult, it is important that you trust your own judgement in this matter and again, consult on their behalf if you wish to do so.

N Brain Gym® and Sensory Integration Activities are included to enhance absorption, retention and recall of material. Benefits experienced over time and case histories can also be found on the website. Thousands of people over decades have reported the great benefits of these activities. 

 As ever, we recommend full courses of Brain Gym for people wishing to implement the practice in school on a regular basis. What you and your children experience in these sessions is a taster of the limitless possibilities of Brain Gym applied to rational, experiential and contextual learning experiences.

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