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Are Some of Your Children Disengaged,
De-motivated, Distracted or Dys-functioning?

           If so, do you know how easy it could be to enable them to
                 Engage,                 Motivate,                 Focus,             Have Fun,                         Function Happily,           Grow Self-Confidence,       Enjoy Self-Esteem,                                        Build Balanced Bodies & Brighter Brains?

And so much more...

'Attention, Balance and Co-Ordination Conditioning' 
  using Music, Sound-Play & Movement-Based Learning

"Outstanding, intelligent, creative. Respecting the children from the inside out and the outside in..."
  LH. Teacher, Early Education Conference


      Craig  Trafford - 'Professor McMusic' - 'The Fun MusicMan'


                                  ABC-c Music and Sound-Play’                              

The Music & Sensory Integration Workshop 
for Making Learning Easier; 
Improving Attention, Balance, Co-Ordination, Emotional  Intelligence, Social Fitness & Self-Image  

Easy Music and Movement Workshops & Programmes: 
                              Calmers, Boosters, Balancers & Co-ordinators for  0–9s

Children often become stressed, over-stimulated or under-motivated - unable to fully  engage and participate in their learning, whether play-based or academic, leaving them confused, upset and with low self-esteem.

So How Can YOU Help Them?

Imagine you have a really simple system that helps children engage, enjoy their learning, and emotionally benefit from their time in your group or classes.
Well now you can have that simple system! 


Discover how to use music and movement-based learning to support self-regulation in FOUR different areas:-

    CALMING                      BALANCING                    ENERGIZING                   CO-ORDINATION


Would you like to have time-saving techniques that are instantly attractive, fun and effective? 

You and I know music and rhythm engages children straightaway. I am sure you use music already to brighten up the day and support learning. But there are specific movements you can use within a musical or rhythmic context that can quickly improve confidence, competence and self-esteem.

The origins of these activities have been proven to work worldwide over the last 30 years – regardless of any child’s ‘previous history’ or ability to participate or engage.  


Learn simple song, rhythm and rhyme activities and turn them into;

  • CALMERS               
Use these to help establish a sense of calm, for example after lunch or break times (or the dreaded windy days                                             ·        

  • ENERGIZERS           
Learn to raise low energy levels and improve concentration;    ·        

  • BALANCERS         
When some require energising and others calming,
these techniques can help restore equilibrium, mental,
emotional and physiological stability

Build body competence by improving the connections between your body and brain. The more competent you feel with your body's ability to co-ordinate in all directions, Left-Right, Up/Down, Backwards/Forwards and all in-between, the better you feel about you! And the more you want to learn and do.

They are easy and quick to learn. Of course, 
you’ll receive your complimentary resource pack to help you remember what you’ve done in the interactive workshop, including free sample ‘toolkits’ to start you off using the activities on a regular basis for best effect.


You don’t need any special musical knowledge or instrument. These methods can be used with well-known children’s songs or use Craig Trafford’s highly regarded catalogue.

Experience unforgettable, high quality training in a full one hour session with the children or through in-depth sessions over a few weeks. You choose!

Simply contact us and we can arrange a fantastic value workshop today.

You are very welcome to invite parents along too.

Question: What does ‘ABC-c’

Answer: Attention - Balance - Co-Ordination conditioning through music, movement and sound-play activities 


                                              Workshop contents

Craig will lead your children, you and your staff through a wonderful, highly interactive workshop designed to be simple enough for children to instantly
engage with, succeed at and enjoy

  Children will learn –with your assistance - how to use the songs and rhythm activities to help them remember and recall the movements that will in turn help them to  · calm, balance, energize and co-ordinate to improve their Attention, Balance and Co-ordination skills.

What  you will receive:  ·        

  A workshop session packed with lively, practical, interactive,   hands-on tuition from Craig Trafford – Professor McMusic/  The   Fun MusicMan  (who also happens to be a  Qualified Educational   Kinesiology Consultant, EFT Practitioner, Certified Stress             Management Trainer, Songwriter, and Performer-Presenter         since 1993


  A Practical Resource Pack
in the form of the  Sound-Play         Toolkit– to help you remember the activities      

  A Sample weekly progr
amme to start you off designing your   own.         

  A CD/MP3
of the Activity Songs ·        

  Email support
for any issues arising as you apply the programme.

 Special discounts to further resources from the Early      Ears Music


 Places are limited so be sure to book now!

To reserve your space, simply email: with your request 

Remember, even if you don’t avail of this amazing opportunity right now you can still sign up for your FREE Resources and Tips at

Within one single session your children will be able to begin calming, balancing, boosting and improving co-ordination in your setting using just a simple specific activity song  or rhythm. Book now!

The activities in these workshops will present just a glimpse into the amazing value of sensory-integration, emotional, mental and physical balance in the life of  the young learner. These sessions are all about equipping children and their grown-ups for their own sensory and emotional wellbeing. These are an instant and long-term valuable adjunct to any teacher’s toolkit

Looking forward to working with you,

According to others, Craig's workshops are:- 

"Outstanding, intelligent, creative. Respecting the children from the inside out and the outside in..." Early Education Conference




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